Born in Bari, in southern southern Italy, in Puglia on 27 January 1988. Gigi Rana, graduated in IPSSAR Armando Perotti of Bari in 2006. Pugliese DOC but cosmopolitan by adoption is above all a chef by passion. For him, being a chef is more a "lifestyle" than an "ordinary profession" Gigi Rana expresses his instinct and his personality through his travels. It is defined as a "passionate fool". He has gained prestigious experience in London, New York City, Milan, Dubai, Lugano, Paris, Barcelona and is just returning from a great professional and living experience in Bangkok the great megalopolis of South East Asia. His way of seeing the world and the kitchen is truly Unique: cooking for him is a true art. He is strongly connected and in love with his cultural identity and his beloved land "La Puglia" and its raw materials, his goal is to make Pugliese's style of life international, and to exploit all its creative and cultural resources that are still hidden today in the eyes of the world. During the next few months its destinations will be Tokyo, San Francisco and Tel Aviv humanitarian missions are also planned in Africa, because his big dream is to work for humanity and sensitivity, which are also two main characteristics of his vision of existing and his food.